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TrialPay is an alternative e-commerce payment system in which a consumer gets an item for free from a participating merchant in exchange for buying or trying out another product or service from a TrialPay advertiser. The merchant is then paid for the item by the advertiser. TrialPay refers to this payment model as “Get It Free”.


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Current Employee - Customer Support says

"I have been working at TrialPay full-time for more than 5 years Cons: You can never make customers happy, you are supposed to tell them they are violating the ToS"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at TrialPay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Depending on your role, base salary is not competitive, bonus structure is not consistent, and career development is uneven. Overall mission was ambiguous, but it seemed like management was working to solidify that."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at TrialPay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Lacks leadership and growth opportunities after the first year or so. Health benefits is somewhat lacking."


"I worked at TrialPay Cons: Poor comp structure that needs be reworked"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I worked at TrialPay for less than a year Cons: The different projects of the company don't seem to coherently add up. This lack of focus at the big strategy level is also found at the project level - things are coded too quickly, without any design for long term maintenance or relevance."

Senior Sales Manager says

"I have been working at TrialPay Cons: Lack of promotions and advancement for individuals Turn over in senior staff tends one to believe something is wrong higher up HR mgmt is poor and often confusing and mis-spoken Upper mgmt tends to be cheap when it comes company sponsored events Little care about employee satisfaction, they believe you should be 'happy' working at such a 'cool' startup"


"I have been working at TrialPay Cons: Little or no opportunity for career growth or increase in responsibilities. Not a lot of promotions - and even fewer meaningful ones, same with raises. There have been complaints of salaries being low. A bunch of veteran employees left. Managers are too busy working so not enough time is spent making sure employee needs are being met. Most veteran employees (including myself) have been doing the same job since day 1 causing boredom and depression. Company gives the impression it's cheap. For example, they do free breakfast on Mondays, free lunch on Tuesdays, and dinner on Wednesdays - just weird things like that. I know of no other company that does this. Normally it's free lunch everyday, or something similar. One medical plan was free one year, then not free the next, now it's free again. Go figure. When we do have outings, some execs will say negative things when they see the bill. Unhappy employees make working together difficult. Different groups have a hard time working together."

walter w says

"You almost every time dont get your award. If you don't get it you can contact the support, but if you get this as an answer after a few times... "[...]Based on your transaction history, our team has been manually crediting your offers at an abnormally high rate [...] Please note, additionally, that our team reserves the right to disable access to TrialPay offers if you continue to submit receipts to our system.[...]" How about fixing your fckn bad systems instead of telling customers "no you dont get any support, if you want some you will be "banned" from the system" Worst support ever! Don't waste your time with fraudulent offers..."

David Stein says

"I have used GoodSync on and off for several years. My final conclusion is: GoodSync is garbage. Typically, my GoodSync experience goes like this: * I find that I have a sync task. * I install the latest version of GoodSync, hoping that it has improved since my last attempt. * I encounter a bunch of intermittent errors. * I submit tickets through GoodSync's help system, and I receive prompt-but-generic-and-totally-unhelpful feedback. * I delete GoodSync and resort to another solution. Why do I keep going back to it? Because I paid for it, and I cling to the hope that they will eventually fix their software to the point where it's *minimally* effective. No dice. It remains as much garbage as it was when I purchased it. Just some of the errors I've encountered: * Locks up while attempting to sync to a folder. Just becomes totally unresponsive. The process needs to be killed, and often the machine rebooted, to recover from the lockup. * "Undefined Error: 0." Constantly. This is GoodSync's version of "An error occurred." Could be a million reasons. Don't bother emailing GoodSync customer support - they don't know and won't help you. * Sync jobs just fail, spontaneously, mid-sync. The sync is running perfectly, the volumes are both still available... aaaaaaaand it abruptly stops. * The network browser is overdesigned and overcomplicated. All you want do is to specify a URL, a username, and a password. Sometimes it accepts the settings. Sometimes it doesn't, it just uses the old settings, and then barfs out random error messages. I give up. They are never going to upgrade this software to minimal usability or competence. I have scoured all of my computer systems of this bloated trashware and deleted my registration information. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't waste your time, and don't give this developer money. You will regret every dime and every moment you spend on this garbage software."

Thomas says

"When it works it's great, but when you want customer support through apps like on facebook, good luck, no chance, waste of time useless company, the website "Support" links you too, just spams a reload continuously, and you cannot access them directly unless you are a customer or a developer using their stuff, so yeah, waste of time."

Richy Ho says

"Did what was required, but then .. nothing. Not really surprised though. It its too good to be true, etc"

Nicholas K. says

"They ask you about your personal life, and refer you to their partners, then you get nothing. when I contacted them, they wrote back that they couldn't track my action and they 'suggest' I pick another partner. how much they have to earn to be able to 'track' your order, god knows. here is their reply: Thank you for using TrialPay and for taking the time to email us. After reviewing your customer log, it appears our system was unable to track the successful completion of the Toluna survey offer you attempted to complete to receive free GoodSync 9 Pro for Windows. Please note that in order to successfully complete this offer, you must first qualify and then complete the full survey before you will be credited. As customer eligibility is determined by the offer provider and not by TrialPay, we are unfortunately not able to credit you at this time. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you. In order to avoid future tracking issues, please be sure to provide current and accurate information. If you are still interested in receiving GoodSync 9 Pro for Windows for free, you are welcome to select a different offer that suits your needs. Regards, Michelle TrialPay Customer Support"

Forralioz says

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